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    Creating an exam (2003)

    My organization wants to create a set of test booklets to be used by candidates for various annual awards. I have built a table of 50 or more questions in Access 2003. That's where I've stalled. I can remember seeing some posts in this forum dealing with test design, but I'm having trouble finding them. Can anyone point me to a good thread or two, please.

    We have 10 categories of employees. Each candidate will answer 30 questions. Some of my 50-plus questions will apply to more than one category of employee. I've built a table of employee categories and a table to link the employee category ID to the question numbers. My problem is how to link the questions with their answers. Test questions will be multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, and the old reliable true/false. One more thing: The candidates will take the exam on paperónot digitally. So the database will have to produce a set of reports which we'll convert to MS-Word documents.

    Will be grateful for any suggestions.

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    Re: Creating an exam (2003)

    There have been some threads about surveys/questionnaires, you can find them by searching this forum for questionnaire or for survey. But most are geared towards one type of question and towards data entry in the database itself, not towards generating paper forms.

    You may be better off investigating dedicated software - see this Google Search or another Google Search.

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