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    Multiple Criteria Requests (2002 - SP3)

    We have a query that links two tables. The two tables are a table of names and a table of marriage dates, each indexed by a Family Number and a Member Number ID (these two fields make up the index for the Names table).

    The query has a criteria that asks the operator to enter a date to use to select records from the marriage date table.

    The difficulty is that the criteria asks for the date 4 times. Is there a reason for this and a way to have the criteria question occur only once?

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    Re: Multiple Criteria Requests (2002 - SP3)

    Without knowing the design of the query I can't tell why the query prompts four times, but the solution is usually to create a form (say frmParameter) with a text box (say txtDate) whose Format has been set to Medium Date or another date format. Replace the parameter in the query with a reference to the text box, i.e. if you have [Enter the Date] in the criteria of the query, change it to [Forms]![frmParameter]![txtDate] (using the names that you gave the form and text box.
    The user must open the form and enter a date, then open the query or a form or report based on the query. This could be done from a command button on the frmParameter form.

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