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    updating rows from another workbook (2007)

    I have been reading the posts that are similar to my request. I just think they are more complicated than I wish to attempt.

    Here is my problem. I have a spreadsheet that contains many worksheets. My copy of this workbook is not the original. The original is maintained by someone else. I have added a column in the last worksheet to give me totals for all the worksheets (a summary). After the original is updated it is emailed to different departments.

    Is there a way that I can update my copy of the worksheet I modified using the data from the original workbook that I am emailed each month?

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    Re: updating rows from another workbook (2007)

    If you save the workbook that is e-mailed to you under the same name and in the same folder each month (i.e. overwrite the previous version), you can use formulas in your copy to refer to cells in the e-mailed workbook. The easiest way is to open both workbooks. In a cell in your copy, type =, then switch to the other workbook and point to the cell. If you make the reference relative (press F4 until the $ characters have been removed from the cell reference), you can copy or fill the formula to other cells.

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