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    FrontPage and Netscape (2001)

    I am having a problem with Netscape crashing every time I try to view certain pages in my website. I made certain as I was building the site to check it in both IE and Netscape before I published. Now, suddenly, this crashing problem, even though things were OK before.
    I had another individual familiar with FrontPage look at this and he said perhaps it was the hover button feature and maybe a problem with the Java scripting? I know Netscape supports Java..the hover buttons worked in Netscape, but they did not give the mouse over effect. Aesthetically, not a big problem, as long as they functioned OK.
    Any suggestions? I am looking into add-on software that might allow me to have additional FrontPage components (without the need for Java class), but wondering if this is necessary.
    Thanks for your help

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    Re: FrontPage and Netscape (2001)

    You raise several large issues here. In cases like yours my first reaction is to tell you to forget Netscape. There won't be a large proportion of your visitors using it, it's hardly worth the effort to get it right and, as you've found, testing with it in situ guarantees zilch. IE is orders of magnitude better (and now you can actually disentangle it from Windows - should you want to).
    Again, the hover buttons in Front Page are a pain. I'd drop them. You can get decent-looking freebies from various places which are far more pleasing to the eye. <A target="_blank" HREF=>4YEO</A> is one such.
    More cold-water I'm afraid. I don't know what the add-on software might be, but I do know it's unlikely to give you the full functionality of Front Page extensions. This is because the problem is not with you, but with your ISP. Unless you have one that supports the server-side extensions (and I know of no free ISPs that do) you won't get them working. You might get the client-side ones to operate, but I believe you could do that from within FP anyway. I'd be interested in what claims your software manufacturer is making.
    I also vaguely remember from some time ago, that in your HTML code you have to indicate whether the javascript is meant for NS or IE. I'm not entirely sure, but I think the syntax has to be slightly different - but don't quote me on that one - it's only a hazy recollection and I'm not a programmer.
    If anything is going to break users' browsers it's Java applets. (oh, and Flash media). It means that they have to keep their VM up to date and activated. Many don't - I believe it's even not being included with the next Windows OS, which is XP out soon. I've toyed with using them on my site, but I'm not convinced they add much except to the lead-in time. I'd leave them to the on-line bankers if I were you. Dynamic HTML and animated gifs are much better if not quite so cinematic. There's nothing worse than waiting ages for a page to come in, full of fancy video and sound - but little else. Don't get me wrong though. Some designs using Flash media are great (I rather like the Morphy Richards welcome page, for example) but they tend to be short, sweet, and short.
    Don't take any of this as graven in stone. Someone will probably contradict (and rightly so) much of what I've written. There's nothing beats finding these things out for yourself, but the above has been my experience fwiw.



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    Re: FrontPage and Netscape (2001)

    Thanks for the info.The software add-on that was suggested is a product called JBots. Apparently, it has
    additional FrontPage components, and is more compatible with older browser versions.
    As for forgetting the Netscape users, my first thought was to do just that. But after running reports on my site usage, apparently there's still a substantial number of them out there. Unfortunately, I can't afford to alienate any clients!
    At this point, I'm taking your advice and dropping the hover buttons in favor of mouse-over images. Hopefully, they'll take less time to load and look just as good.
    Thanks again..I'll check out that freebie site!

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