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    IE 6 SP2 (6.0 SP2)

    I have two machines running IE 6 SP2 but different Version and Product IDs, one of which works and one that has issues with a few apps that launch IE.

    Is there anyway to confirm the meaning of the product Version and ID information or specifically why one includes "CO" and "OEM" in this info and one does not? The one in question also still has the MS logo in the upper right, while normally we expect to see our spinnging logo. Supposedly all our images are the same, at least within the various Dell models so I am curious why the differences and since it is the weekend, the "build" team is playing golf but I am curious to figure this stuff out. Plus, I'm rehabbing a knee after quadriceps tendon surgery and can't work on the "to do, you do" list.

    I've attached an image showing the specifics of the different version. The working Version info ends with "CO" and the Product ID has "OEM" where the one that acts up has "640" as shown in the image.


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