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    Ms Access Forms (MS Access 2007)

    Is it possible that the setting of some Access options can be responsible for the fact that a form, when it opens, get maximizes and thus occupies the whole screen.
    I have a lot of forms i've downloaded as examples rom the internet as examples for building my own forms. These forms in designview, occupies only a fraction of the screen surface ( e.g. width = 14 cm)
    Looking to the events of these forms ( e.g; Loading or opening ) i can't find anything that explain why the form in formview get maximized and occupies the whole screen .
    Also in the property sheet of the form i can't see any setting that is responsible for the maximizing of the form.
    How does it comes that the form do not opens at the size it was designed?

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    Re: Ms Access Forms (MS Access 2007)

    As far as I know, a form is only maximized if the On Open or On Load event of the form calls a macro with the Maximize action or VBA code with DoCmd.Maximize.

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