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    multivalue list box (access 2007)

    I am trying to add a multivalue list box to frmPatients. I want this list box to save multiple values. See my attempt in the lower right hand corner of “frmPatients”
    I found a way to do this in the Access help under “Add or change a lookup column that lets you store multiple values” I want this to look like sample shown in thr Help.
    My list of possible pain levels is in the table “tblPainLevel” and the table I want to store the list of pains is in “CurrentPain”
    The part that doesn’t work like I thought it should is found in
    Add or change a lookup column that lets you store multiple values
    Using the Lookup Wizard to create multivalued lookup columns
    7. Under Do you want to store multiple values for this lookup?, select the Allow Multiple Values check box.
    The above doesn’t appear in the Wizard.
    The beginning of the help says this is new in Access 2007.
    Do I need to turn something on to make this work?
    Or should I do something completely different?
    Thanks for the help.
    Rick B
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    Re: multivalue list box (access 2007)

    This is the third time that you've asked this question. Please don't ask the same question in different threads. This one is locked to prevent duplication.

    Please post replies in the thread starting at <post:=723,743>post 723,743</post:>.

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