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    Update query (Access 2000)

    I have an update query that updates the field "reminder" in the table tblClients. How could i change the query as not to update those records in the field "Reminder", that already exist. For example the record in the client 2 is 1234. There is no such a record in the table TblClients1.In that case i want tht the record 1234 be preserved.
    Obviously i should use the words if Exist but i do not know how and where. Could you help ? My query is :
    StrSQL = " UPDATE TblClients INNER JOIN TblClients1 ON TblClients.ClientID = TblClients1.ClientID SET TblClients.Reminder = [TblClients1].[Reminder]"
    CurrentDb.Execute StrSQL

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    Re: Update query (Access 2000)

    An update query can only update existing records, so I don't understand your question.

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