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    Personal.xls (2000 SP3)

    Does Personal.xls only work from wherever XL stores it when you create a macro as per Legare’s tutorial? I recently moved to a new machine and wanted to bring my old Personal.xls onto this, I copied my Personal.xls (and my Excel.xlb) into a directory on the network, then, in ToolsOptions, pointed the Default file location: at this directory thinking that Personal.xls and Excel.xlb would open when I opened XL but this did not happen. The only way I got it to work was to create, as Legare described, a new Personal.xls file in Cocuments and Settingsevansm02Application DataMicrosoftExcelXLSTART, then replace this Personal.xls with my old one. Is this normal? If so what is the use of the Default file location?

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    Re: Personal.xls (2000 SP3)

    The "Default file location" is the folder that is shown by default in the File | Open... and File | Save as... dialogs, i.e. it is the default folder where workbooks are stored.

    The XLSTART folder is more or less fixed, but you can specify an "Alternate startup file location" in the General tab of Tools | Options (in later versions of Excel, this option is called "At startup, open all files in". You can store Personal.xls in that folder.

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