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    lynda hunt

    Word Normal Template (SR1)

    whenever a particular user opens up Word types a document and then tries to save it, it always comes up with the message changes have been made to the Normal template do you want to save them, the user says no and then is left with the document on the screen which they save but they have to do this several times, its as though the normal template gets stuck in a loop

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    Re: Word Normal Template (SR1)

    File, Save shouldn't prompt the user for changes to the Normal template. Normally, even if changes had been made to the Normal template, those wouldn't get saved until Word exits, at which time you would be prompted (if the Prompt to save Normal template option is enabled). It sounds almost as if Save All is being used, rather than Save, when the document is being saved.

    I ran some test on my PC, using the Save All command. If there are changes to the Normal template, the first prompt is
    <hr>Changes have been made that affect the global template, Do you want to save those changes?<hr>
    If you answer No or Cancel, you are returned to your document (which has been saved, but is still open). Is it possible that the particular user has customized their toolbar or menu bar to include the Save All command?
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    Re: Word Normal Template (SR1)

    Have the user run a virus scan. This happened to my normal (and others in our office) when there was a virus in it.


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