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    Word wants MS Office Vis. Web Developer (2007)

    Whenever I start Word I get the following error message:

    "Error 1308. Setup cannot find the required file C:MSOCacheAll
    Check your connection to the network, or CD-ROM drive. "

    I'm on XP SP3, and Office SP1. Some History:
    Last week I uninstalled MS Office Web Developer 2005 which did not seem to
    create any issues. Over the weekend, for reasons unrelated to this problem,
    had to do a system restore back about 2 weeks. I've downloaded and installed
    MS Office Visual Web Developer, but discovered that the download is ver.
    2008. I don't have any record of having ever installed ver. 2007, which is
    what the error message indicates. This problem does not seem to be adversely
    affecting Word, but I have to go through 2 iterations of the error before I
    can get into Word and it's starting to wear thin.

    I've looked in the KB, but did not come up with anything that seemed to fit
    my problem. Anyone have a suggestion about how to fix the problem?

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    Re: Word wants MS Office Vis. Web Developer (2007)

    Hi Ken

    1) Try inserting your Windows XP installation CD
    2) Start | Run
    3) Type SFC /SCANNOW

    When this is done and the PC has rebooted

    4) Do a Detect and Repair on Office
    5) Open Office application
    6) Help | Detect and Repair...

    You can also do this via the Control Panel for Add & Remove Programs

    If this does not work try uninstalling Office completely, reboot and then temporarily disable any AV software

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