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    Unprotecting a template to get address info (Word 2007)

    I have a template form that is protected. In the form there is a text box control (which is in a table because there can be more than one address) for the user to insert an address. I need the user to be able to create an envelope from that address text box. I would like a macro that will do the following things after the user has put his cursor on the address:
    1. unprotect the form
    2. select the cell with the address in it and copy it
    3. create the envelope
    4. add the envelope to the document
    5. re-protect the document
    6. As a bonus, it would be nice if it would print the whole thing, but not necessary.

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    Re: Unprotecting a template to get address info (Word 2007)

    Hi Giulia,

    <img src=/S/whisper.gif border=0 alt=whisper width=29 height=17> This looks suspiciously like the post at:, for which I've already advised there is no need to unprotect the form. <img src=/S/noevil.gif border=0 alt=noevil width=25 height=17>

    Paul Edstein
    [MS MVP - Word]

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