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    Menu Bar with VBA (Access 2000)

    MenuBar with VBA

    I want to remove the main menu bar in my database copies in order to forbid the entrance into my forms,reports etc structure.I have done it manually by choosing tools,StartUp and then
    deleting all the option.I want to do do it by code. I use with success the following command to remove the menu bar:
    CommandBars.ActiveMenuBar.Enabled = False
    I have this comman in an autoexec macro However the customer could still have an acces in my database through importing the objects from another database, By Choosing File,Get external data,Import. Can i forbid this copying by some code in VBA?

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    Re: Try Code Protection Instead

    Removing the menubar won't protect your database, but in Access 2000 you can protect the code in the project. That also protects the code in the forms and reports, not just the modules, so another user would need to know the password in order to import those objects. To do this, open the database and go to the VB editory (Alt+F11). Click on the project Properties item on the Tools menu. You'll see a Protection tab there which will allow you to lock your project for viewing and to enter a password that you can use to get into the code.

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