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    MS word link form fields in footer (Word 2000)

    I have linked form fields within a template before using the text form field option box and the ctrl F9 key. I now need to have a date that I type in a text box within a document also populate in the footer of that document. I have tried code, Public Sub RefreshheaderFooterStyleReffields() Application.ScreenRefreshEnd Sub, which I found on this sight but I'm obviously doing something wrong as it is not working. Any ideas? and the person I have to pass this off to needs it to be as simple as possible.

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    Re: MS word link form fields in footer (Word 2000)

    Welcome to Woody's Lounge!

    I assume that you have a field in the footer that refers to the bookmark name of the date form field.

    You could create the following macro in the document:

    Sub UpdateFieldsInFooter()
    Dim sec As Section
    Dim ftr As HeaderFooter
    For Each sec In ActiveDocument.Sections
    For Each ftr In sec.Footers
    If ftr.Exists Then
    End If
    Next ftr
    Next sec
    End Sub

    While the document is unprotected, double-click the date text form field, and select UpdateFieldsInFooter from the On Exit dropdown list, then click OK.

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