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    Labels (Access 2007)

    Can you help a newb please. Virtually my first time using 2007.

    I'm trying to create labels for my Mini-DV tapes. I have had to create a custom label 4.5cm high. and 6.5 cm wide.

    My labels however do not output correctly. See attached image showing layout and print preview. The colums are set up (apparently correctly) on page set-up,

    It seems as if I need to force a new label at the right height, rather like a page break, but I can't see how. If I make the detail a total of 4.5 cm high, then I get the right label size, but only 1 clip list per label.

    Do I need some form of sub-report?

    I'm sure you'll need extra info, but not sure what to include.

    Any help welcome


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    Re: Labels (Access 2007)

    This is a duplicate of <post:=725,909>post 725,909</post:>. Please post replies there. This thread is locked.

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