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    List / text boxes updating updating tables (Access 2003)

    Hello. I am building a new database which will store information on our contractors and enable mail merges to various letters and documents.

    Part of the information about the contractor will be the particular office which is using the contractor. To save repetition i would like to be able to select the office name from a combo box on a form and then have text boxes below automatically fill in the address and contact details for that office. (e.g. I select "Bristol" from a drop down list and other boxes automatically update with all the Bristol details). I can do this using a "requery" macro and "after update" so that "text box 2" looks at "Combo Box 1" and selects the 1st line of the address. However, I cannot get this address to store in the underlying Contractor Details table with all the information contained. (The selection from the drop down is stored, but not the automatic info). WHY???

    I know you are going to tell me something obvious is wrong - probably that the requery will change all the records each time or something...but i am stuck!

    Thank you for any help...i'll watch this space on Monday with interest!


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    Re: List / text boxes updating updating tables (Access 2003)

    There is no need to enter the details about the office in the contractors table, just the office ID or name is sufficient (I'd give each office a numeric ID).

    You can create a query based on the contractors table and the offices table linked on the appropriate field (with an outer join so that all contractors will be displayed even if no office has been assigned yet). You can use this query as basis for forms etc. As soon as the office is selected, the corresponding details will be filled in automatically.

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