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    temporary folder storage (ver2002 sp2)

    <font face="Comic Sans MS"><font color=blue>greetings one and all!

    quick (i hope) question, if i may. how do i go about increasing the space available in the temporary files folder? i an trying to make a video dvd from files on my hard drive, using nero vision. i add three files (each about 350MB), and i get the following error message:

    There is not enough space available for the recording process. There are 2575 MB available for temporary files in the folder ‘COCUME~1CAROLH~1LOCALS~1Temp’, but the recording process will need approximately 4568 MB.

    i followed the path, cleared out as many files as the beast (my computer) would let me (it told me that some of the files were system files, and that i should not delete them), but still kept getting the same message. is there something that i am not doing right?

    what i am trying to do it this: i have a bunch of video files that are from various television shows. i have copied them to dvds to save them, and can open them on the beast, but cannot watch them on my dvd player, which is what i really want to do (bigger screen). i thought to use nero, and chose nero vision, as that was the best of the choices in the program. i followed the prompts, and got the above error message. i am at a loss for what to do, as i thought that i had done everything correctly. any help that you can point my way will be greatly appreciated.

    look forward to hearing from someone soon. until then, take care and God bless.

    ladyleadfoot!!!</font color=blue></font face=comic>

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    Re: temporary folder storage (ver2002 sp2)

    The 2575MB should be the amount disk space available on the disk drive. There is no restriction on how much space you can use in the Temp folder other than space available on the whole drive. If you are really down to that little space available and that is your only disk drive you should look at adding a disk drive to your system. If you already have more than one drive or partition you should be able to have Nero use the other drive/partition for its temporary storage.


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