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    Publish with narration (2007)

    I have three questions regarding publishing a PP presentation that has recordings:

    1. First, I'm assuming that PP files with narration can be saved and published for intranet/internet use. Is this correct?

    2. If so, after adding narrations and saving the file, which file type is the best to choose: Single File Web page or Web Page?? I'm not understanding the difference using MS Help

    3. I have tried both file types, and attempted to run the show through the browser. (I do get a message about Active X controls, both when opening the file in the browser and when starting the slide show. Not sure if its the sound files causing this or not. Slides only contain pictures, nothing else). With either method, I cannot hear any narration. Volume setting is not an issue.

    Any ideas?


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    Re: Publish with narration (2007)

    I have no experience with this, perhaps Narration does not play with PowerPoint web page helps.

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