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Thread: TOA's (2003)

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    TOA's (2003)

    Hello all,

    Does anyone have any idea what "passim" means in a Table of Authorities (TOA) in place of a place number and how to get rid of it and have it replaced with a page number? All of my entries in the TOA show the page in which they appear, except for a small handful that indicate only "passim." The fields for these are virtually identical to those that are correclty showing up.



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    Re: TOA's (2003)

    If “Use passim” is checked in the INSERT--REFERENCE--INDEX AND TABLES TOA window, citations that are mentioned 5 or more times in the doc aren’t page-numbered in the TOA--the word “passim” appears instead of page numbers.

    Passim means “scattered” or “everywhere” (something like that). I don’t know when it is permissible to use passim in a TOA. I haven’t seen it used here in all my 18 years with the firm.

    [Apparently passim can also be used inside a citation, in place of the pinpoint cite, if the point being made is referenced frequently in the source: Smith v. Jones, 123 U.S. 456 passim (1998). I learned this just recently, from the book “Cite-Checker” 2d, Aspen Publ. 2008 (Deborah E. Bouchoux, author).]

    Anyway, just un-check “Use passim” to make real page numbers appear.

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