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    Controling line spacing with multiple languages (Word 2007)


    I am using Word 2007 to create a multi-chapter text book on Chinese Grammar. I have mostly English text with examples of Pinyin (Chinese romanization of characters) stacked on top of Chinese Characters.

    My problem is the spacing between lines of text that have a combination of English and Pinyin/Characters. Word seems to base the line spacing off of the tallest character in the text. So, if I have a single-spaced English paragraph with one Pinyin/Character text in the 3rd line, the 3rd line appears to be double-spaced because Word is allowing room for the P/C combo. If I bump the line spacing up to 1.5 or double, Word still bases the spacing off of the P/C combo.

    I want to control my line spacing based off of the English text. Any suggestions?


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    Re: Controling line spacing with multiple languages (Word 2007)

    Yes, Word is programmed to avoid allowing characters to bump into each other. If what you want is regularly spaced lines, you can set the line spacing to "exact" at an appropriate number of points. If you are using ten point type, the "normal line spacing would be 12 points; space and a half,18, and double spaced, 24. And for 12 point, 14, 21, and 28 (Note that those are the "traditional" values based on real lead strips, but the industry now uses percentages--which MS apparently does not divulge.) Know that if the exact setting is too close, some parts of both lines may not show.

    Pam Caswell

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