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    Link one file into anoth (Word 2003)


    Is there a way of including one document into another but *not* specifying the full path? That is, I would like it to pick up the included file from the 'workgroup' folder as defined in word optionsfile locations (this where all the company templates reside). Is this possible? INCLUDETEXT command expects a specific path, unfotunately that is not possible as our template is used in several different locations.

    BTW: The included doc is just the back cover with addressing information for the company. Unfotunately, this keeps changing on a regualr basis. So I was thinking that I would create a separate doc for the backcover and update it as & when *so that I do have to touch the main template* just to update the addressing information.

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    Re: Link one file into anoth (Word 2003)

    See macropod's Star Post <!post=Relative Paths in Word Fields (All),670027>Relative Paths in Word Fields (All)<!/post>.

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    Re: Link one file into anoth (Word 2003)

    Hi robie,

    If the source document is placed in the users' default file location, the relative path field coding described in <post#=670027>post 670027</post#> might do what you're asking. But there's no need to do that if the backcover doc is in a universally accessible location (even if read-only).

    Howver, even assuming either of the above approaches suits your needs, it'll leave you with another problem: any time the source file is changed, the update will affect all the existing documents also. Consequently, what your template will need is an auto_new macro to unlink the field immediately the document is created. On that basis, therefore, you might as well use a macro to insert the backvover (via the equivalent File|Insert) in the first place.

    Paul Edstein
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