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    Software Inventory (Wiodows XP)

    I have remote users and I was wondering, whats the best way to get an inventory of what they have loaded on their laptops?

    I need to build them a new one and send it off.

    Is there some Windows_ XP file or log that tells me what the Control Panel Apps show? Like it shows the Software installed and when it was last Accessed?

    Keep in mind that these end users may not be that technical so anything that I can do, maybe with a bat file or script would be cool.


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    Re: Software Inventory (Wiodows XP)

    You can get an inventory of software from Belarc Advisor, but not when it was last accessed (I suspect the information in Control Panel / Add or Remove Programs is fairly mythological anyway). But Belarc isn't licenced for corporate use, and has to be run 'manually' on each PC (the resulting HTML file can be collected, if you know what you're doing)...

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