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    Math Question - dividing money

    Can't seem to create the simultaneous equations this must require. Suggestions?

    According to Mrs. Randolph's will, each of her great-grandchildren living in Georgia received $700 more than each of her great-grandchildren living in Florida. In all, $206,100 was divided between 36 great-grandchildren. The Georgian great-grandchildren decide that the will wasn't really fair, so they each contribute $175 to be divided among the Floridian great-grandchildren. If all great-grandchildren now have an equal share, how many great-grandchildren live in Georgia?

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    Re: Math Question - dividing money

    <span style="background-color: #FFFF00; color: #FFFF00; font-weight: bold">After the redivision, each of the 36 great-grandchildren receives an equal share of $206,100 / 36 = $5,725.
    Before the redivision, those from Georgia received $175 more, i.e. $5,900, and those from Florida $700 less than that, i.e. $5,200.
    Let's say there are n great-grandchildren from Georgia, so 36-n from Florida.
    n*5,900 + (36-n)*5,200 = 206,100, hence 700*n + 187,200 = 206,100 so 700*n = 18,900 from which n = 27.</span hide>

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