At my company I am using Outlook 2007 to connect to an Exchange account on an Exchange 2007 server.

I'm having problems getting the Groups to stay expanded when viewing any mail folder be it my In Boxe, Sent or other. If I select to 'Expand All', the messags do expand but if I re-sort the items then the groups collapse again. This is a problem under the following scenario:

I sort the view by the the Receipient column and look for all emails from a specific person. WIthin the emails from them I find on that I want to then find all other emails in this folder with the same/related Subject. I select the email message and then re-sort the folder by the subject line. If the first letter in the subject line begins with any letter between a & po then that group of related emails are expanded. If the subject line begins with 'po' or any combination of letters that would come after 'po' when sorted, then that email group is collapsed.

This is a problem because it makes it impossible to locate related emails when the sibject line beigins with any letter combination after 'po'. No matter how many times I tell it to expand all the darm things re-collapse.

Any way to force OL to expand all Groups no matter what!