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    Hyperlink (2003 (11.8227.82112) SP3)

    My organization is in the process of doing a major cleanup of policies and procedures. We plan to have these P&P electronically accessible to staff for read only access. Only members of the P&P committee will have access to edit the P&P. I want to create a table of contents to include the names of the P&P and have a hyperlink to the actual document. Is there a way within the hyperlink to indicate a read only? Or do I have to password protect the Word document? Or, should I create a PDF of the Word document to which the TOC will hyperlink to? Any suggestions to the best practice to allow read only access to some yet allow others to be able to update the P&P bearing in mind a revolving door of those employees who will be responsible for updating the P&P. Thanks!!

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    Re: Hyperlink (2003 (11.8227.82112) SP3)

    This might be a good application for an intranet and content management system (CMS). If that is not an option, you will need to set the Word security or PDF security options in the documents themselves.

    Added: For additional security, you can use NTFS privileges (or their Linux equivalent, if applicable) to restrict editing to your P&P team.

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