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    Conditional formating (2003)

    Hi all is it possible to display a form in continuous form view, and change the background colour and font colour if one of the data fields meets a certain criteria. I would want this to work per record.

    For example if my form display the fields ID, Received Date, Appointment Date, and Code

    All the records with a receieved date of Date()-126 I want to have black backgrounds with white text
    Date()-119 I want Red Background White text
    Etc Etc
    Many thanks
    Gerbil (AKA Kevin)

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    Re: Conditional formating (2003)

    You can specify up to three conditional formats for a control:
    - Open the form in design view.
    - Select the Received Date control.
    - Select 'Field value is' from the first dropdown.
    - Select 'equal to' from the second dropdown.
    - Enter Date()-126 in the box next to it.
    - Specify the formatting that you want.
    - Click Add >> to add a new condition.
    - Etc.

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    Re: Conditional formating (2003)

    If you want the conditional formatting to apply to the whole row, rather than just to one control, you can put a large unbound text box behind all the other controls in the form, the full width of the form, and apply the conditional formatting to that text box. Set its Control Source to = "".
    But you don't what this to be able to come in front of the other controls and hide them. To stop that I put some code in the "on got focus" event for that text box, setting the focus to another control.
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