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Its been a long time since I have last visited the Lounge, and here I am again, taping the talent of all the members.

OK I am looking for a device, say we'll call it a PDA, that is:

1) Able to run Visual Basic or Java programs.
2) Small enough like a PDA.
3) Inexpensive, this is relative, but say around the $300.00 US for argument's sake.
4) Able to play videos like YouTube clips, or PowerPoint presentations.

The purpose of this device is to use it as a learning tool. I am developing some ideas for our department where one can grad one of these devices and take with them on a plane trip and as they are sitting they can take a course.

Also, this device can be used to run memory strengthening electronic flash cards, for employees to use when they go on trips.

Any ideas are most welcome.