When using the "Publish to the Web Wizard" in Access (from File-Save as HTML). One of the options you get near the end of the wizard is the chance to save your wizard answers to a "Web Publication Profile" that you can use again next time you want something from that database published to HTML.
My question is: How do you GET RID of those profiles once they are created? I have tried every way that I can!

The help/book says: " This wizard does the following: Outputs one or more datasheets, forms, or reports to static or dynamic HTML format using one or more HTML template files; creates a home page; stores all files to a specified folder as a Web publication, copies the files to the Web server using the Web Publishing Wizard, and saves a Web publication profile to use later. "
But now where does it say WHERE is it storing that profile! One book says it saves the profiles in the properties, but we can't find it there either! We have several profiles and want to delete some, so if anyone can give me a clue, I would be eternally grateful!