This post is by way of information.

This past week I had a call from a client who had had an old computer fail which was replaced with a new one. The techie who transferred all of the files to the new computer transferred everything from the old to the new and all versions of software remained the same: Win XP and Access 2003. For some reason, a report printing function that involved Lebans' simple and up to this point crashproof ReportToPDF utility was crashing Access.

From the way Access was crashing and the timing of the event and because I had no idea that the two dll files that Stephen supplies had been updated to a newer version, it took me several hours to narrow down the problem to the one thing I never suspected: if the versions of the dll files are out of synch with the version of the ReportToPDF module which is put into the database that uses it, Access will crash.

There are a few comments on some other help sites that led me back to Stephen's own which is clear about deleting old versions but doesn't explicitly state that crashes will ensue if you don't keep the versions of everything in synch. Once I got the module updated to the same version as the dll's, everything was fine again.

Hope this helps.