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Thread: DVI-I to CRT

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    DVI-I to CRT

    Is it possible to link a DVI-I connector on a graphics card, to a standard CRT monitor that doesn't have those connections. Currently I have an adapter, but when I connect it the picture on the system is badly pixelated and in very basic colour mode (16 i think).
    Any help would be appreciated, I not sure whether I haven't connected it correctly or whether I have a dud graphics card. Its a ATI x1950xt pro ultimate with 2x dvi-i connectors.

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    Re: DVI-I to CRT

    This is software, not hardware problem: ATI Radeon X1950 series adapters support VGA (analog) mode on all outputs.

    Open Catalyst Control Center in Advanced View, then from the Graphics Settings tree, click Monitor properties. Make sure your monitor make and model are recognized correctly. If not, visit monitor's manufacturer website and search for the latest driver, if possible.
    Try to change monitor resolution and color quality. Remember, that highest available resolution from Radeon X1950 in analog mode (up to 2048x1536) is lower than in digital mode (up to 2560x1600) and may be much more lower on your particular monitor.

    For more information, visit AMD graphics products troubleshooter

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