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    Ultimate Steal Deal (2007)

    Microsoft have resurrected the Microsoft Office Discount for Students - The Ultimate Steal deal. Unfortunately, it is for USA students only. See The Ultimate Steal terms for offer details. $59.95 USD is a terrific price for Office Ultimate 2007 (list price is $679.95 USD, upgrade prices is $539.99). The price for the Vista Ultimate upgrade price of $64.95 USD is very good too.


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    Re: Ultimate Steal Deal (2007)

    This reminds me of a thread that bugged me because users were grumbling about their bundled software and their inability to upgrade from it. For non-students anywhere who are interested in an alternative (there is a student version that is cheaper), WordPerfect Office X4 permits you to upgrade to it from MS Office 97 or higher, or MS Works 2000 or higher for the upgrade price. The professional version is a hundred bucks more. The only thing I suggest you check on is WP Mail, which is their equivalent of Outlook and which is a mere $30 extra.

    In other words, if the best you have available is something like Works 2000 and you think you would like a suite for a computer that otherwise has nothing, the competition has an offer that you may find attractive.

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