We are using Office 2003 and Outlook 2007 in our offices. Currently, we are installing Office 2007 for users in a pilot group. They are maintaining their Office 2003 install for now.

On some of the machines, after the Office 2007 install is complete, users find that they have what appears to be text boundaries in their Outlook message area. It is not related to whether or not text boundaries are turned on in Word. We can't find a setting anywhere that controls this. Nor can we determine why it happens on some machines and not others (everyone is using the same install package). On some machines, the text boundaries have disappeared after a reboot. On others, they persist.

This isn't a major roadblock to the pilot, but those of us in IT are anticipating those few users who are going to make this into a major issue (and hence a major headache for us) when we roll out 2007 down the road. Any clues as to what might be causing this?