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    Conditionally format a single character (excel 2003)

    Hi all...I have a worksheet with zzVisitor in cell A3 (the zz is in front of Visitor for sorting purposes).......I have the formula =A3 in cell A10....this puts the word zzVisitor in cell A10 on 'Worksheet 2', for public viewing....I am trying to devise a conditional formatting formula for 'Worksheet 2!'A10 that will color the letters zz white, so that it is not visible......any ideas...I have tried LEN and CHAR and SEARCH (to isolate the letters ZZ and then color it white, but nothing is working...any ideas? Thanks.

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    Re: Conditionally format a single character (excel 2003)

    It is not possible to format part of the result of a formula differently. You could use the formula


    in cell A10 instead, where 100 is an arbitrary number larger than the length of the longest entry you expect.

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