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    Converting to CVS (MS Access 2007)

    Is it possible to convert the data of a ms Access Datatable into a CVS file and how do we do that
    Why can't a ms Access Datatable not be sent as attachement of a email?
    Can we activate a outlook macro from within MS Access, and if so, how do we do that?

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    Re: Converting to CVS (MS Access 2007)

    You ask three quite different questions. It would be better to ask them in separate posts.

    1) Do you mean .csv? The .cvs extension doesn't seem appropriate for Access data.

    2) For security reasons, Outlook blocks the .mdb extension. Create a zip file from the database and send that instead.

    3) You already asked this before. You can use Automation to control Outlook from Access, but as far as I know, it is not possible to run a macro that is stored in the user's Outlook (in an .otm file to be precise) from Acces.

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