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    Sub Datasheet link lost (2003)

    Something that's been done to a DB during development has caused the sub datasheet link between two tables to be lost.
    The two tables are still there and have not been renamed. A field has been moved from EmployeeDetail table to Salary table and the original field deleted from EmployeeDetail.
    At the end of this part of the development, the link is still there; opening EmployeeDetail and then clicking on the plus sign shows the associated Salary info.
    Post this, there have been changes to queries, but I can't see how this can affect the datasheet/subdatasheet link. What sort of thing could I have done to cause the link to disappear?
    (I know it's simple to remake the link when I am prompted by Access - but I would like to know what I've done to make it disappear)

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    Re: Sub Datasheet link lost (2003)

    I have no idea, but I'd recommend turning off subdatasheets. They can have unexpected effects and have a negative impact on performance. See the 'Tables: SubdatasheetName' section in Allen Browne's Microsoft Access Flaws - Problem properties.

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