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    Outlook XP Cannot Access Tools Macro Menu (XP)

    I am having problems with my Office XP installation.

    I initially installed XP as an upgrade to Office 2000 SR 2. After installation when I tried to access the Macros menu I would receive a windows installer dialog asking me to insert the Office 2000 SR 2 disk (which I do not have because I downloaded SR 2 from the internet) after putting the original Office 2000 cd into my drive it would repeat the dialog, when I hit cancel it would then display an error message indicating there was a VBA error.

    I then spent 6 hours on the phone with microsoft and reinstalled numerous times as well as using the Microsoft cleanup and eraser 2000 utilitiies and upgrading the MDAC engine. Problem still not solved. Now when I try to access the tools macros menu - nothing happens. Microsoft has sent this problem to outlook research but 3 weeks later there is still no solution. Anyone have any ideas ?

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    Re: Outlook XP Cannot Access Tools Macro Menu (XP)

    are you using the outlook view control for a custom outlook today or digital dashboard page?

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    Re: Outlook XP Cannot Access Tools Macro Menu (XP)

    No I have not installed this.

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