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    Check cell contents before proceeding (2007)

    Hello all,

    I have a fairly complex macro that runs quite well as it is, but I'm looking to add some "safety" features to it. I need a way to verify that there are no blank cells in some specific cells (not necessarily adjacent cells either).

    I need a check in place that will halt and exit the macro and display a message box if the various cells are empty.

    I already have two If/Thens within the macro and I've tried inserting new ones, but keep getting error messages stating that I have an If block without an EndIf and vice versa.

    Any help is appreciated.

    I've attached a version the code I'm currently using
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    Re: Check cell contents before proceeding (2007)

    Try the attached version.

    Note: indenting your code consistently helps tremendously to understand the overall structure of the code and to find mistakes.
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