The excellent <img src=/S/free.gif border=0 alt=free width=30 height=15> graphics utility Paint.NET 3.36 has been released. You may download from Paint.NET - Download.

From Paint.NET - Roadmap and Change Log:

This is mostly a servicing release to make some small improvements and to fix a few important bugs.

Improved: Effect rendering should be a little faster now.
Changed: Implemented some changes to the "Add Noise" effect that were suggested by a forum member.
Changed: The canvas background color is now always #c0c0c0.
Changed: The auto-updater should now correctly detect .NET 3.5 and newer, which will help to save bandwidth when Paint.NET v4.0 is released (it will require .NET 3.5).
Fixed: Paint.NET now works on a system that has the .NET 3.5 SP1 "Client Profile" installed.
Fixed: When zoomed in and the cursor is to the top-left of the image (negative coordinates), the ruler is now highlighted in the correct area.
Fixed: The effect rendering system no longer sets the "Tag" property on the configuration dialog.
Fixed: Some incorrectly authored plugins would cause a crash when loading their support details (author, copyright, etc.).
Fixed: There was a bug in the color wheel for IndirectUI that caused it to show the wrong values at initialization.
Fixed: There was a performance problem for effects that used the IndirectUI color wheel control.
Fixed: In some rare cases, Paint.NET would crash while shutting down.
Fixed: When using the "Fixed Ratio" feature of the Rectangle Selection tool, it would crash if 0 was specified for both the width and height.