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    Ignoring margins for one line (2003 SP3)

    I'm writing and formatting a Word document for publication, and I've run into a problem with margins.

    My document is set up with 1-inch margins all around, but there is one line (it's all its own paragraph, too, if that's important) where I need to ignore those margins--essentially, I need that paragraph to act as if the left and right margins are zero inches. Is this possible?

    (And just to add to the difficulty level, I can't set off that line in its own section with different margins, per the requirements of the publisher.)

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    Re: Ignoring margins for one line (2003 SP3)

    Click in the paragraph.
    Select Format | Paragraph...
    Set the Left Indent and Right Indent to a negative amount, for example -1". An indent of -1" will effectively cancel the 1" margin.

    Note: many printers cannot print to the very edge of the paper, so with indents of -1", some text may not be printed.

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