I am located in a home office and am trying to share my calendar with the folks in the central office. They are using MS Exchange server. I work Offline most of the time and then Synchronize my folders with them from time to time.

Our secretary has the authorization to coordinate this. She set up a Group Calendar. Originally when she did this I received the "Accept" message, which I did accept.

Now I continually get message titled "#Net Folder# Update for Group Calendar" When I click on it, I get the message "This message is a Net Folders control message. Normally you should not see this message. This message will now be processed."

When I look in the Group Calendar that was set up, no appointments are there.

I have stored this calendar in my personal folders so our Systems Administrator doesn't delete it. I have tried synchronizing it when I do a weekly synchronization, but to no avail. I looked in Woody's Using Office 2000, but nothing. Others in the organization working out of there home have the same problem.

Any suggestions or references I can refer too?

Thx in advance.