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    Converting Access 2007 to 2000 (Access 2007)

    I have encountered a problem when converting an Access 2007 database to a 2000 version. I went to "Save As" and selected "Access 2000 database" under the other file format option. Once it is saved I can open the database without any problems and it says that it is in the 2000 format but when a user with Access 2000 goes to open it they receive an error saying they need to upgrade their version of Access (the error sometimes even says they need to upgrade Microsoft Explorer - this makes even less sense to me). Has anyone encountered this problem before? How can I work around it?

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    Re: Converting Access 2007 to 2000 (Access 2007)

    I have not had this problem, but the first thing I would check are the Refences. On the problem computer

    <UL><LI>Active the VBA Editor Press ALT + F11
    <LI>Go to Tools...References
    <LI>In the list that comes up, do any of ticked ones at the top show the word missing?
    <LI>If any are missing, you need to untick them then try to find an equivalent from the list of available References. Usually this just means something with a lower version number. Do them one at a time, so you don't lose track of what was ticked originally.[/list]

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