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    Linked Text Boxes - Data not printing (Word 2000)

    I previously logged an issue with text boxes not printing data. I have not figured out what the problem is but I do not know how to solve it.

    I have a RTF template document that has one header page followed by 3 pages of text boxes (its an employee P45)
    My software produces data for employees into this template (similar to mail merge)
    Where I am outputting for multiple employees, the 3 pages of data are replicated over and over for each employee.
    When looking at the document that is produced, it is fine, all of the data is there, however, when I print it, only the last employee is printed
    When looking at the text boxes, I found out that they are linked. So, if I click on the first box of the first employee then click on the Next Text Box link, it jumps to the next employee record.
    The final employee is printed because there are no employees after them to link to.
    If I break the link on each text box, then the data prints ok

    I just have a feeling it must be a setting somewhere but I cannot find where

    Any help would be so much appreciated

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    Re: Linked Text Boxes - Data not printing (Word 2000)

    This is a continuation of the issue being discussed in replies to <post:=731,125>post 731,125</post:>. Please post any replies in that thread. I will lock this thread to prevent duplication.


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