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Thread: Metadata (XP)

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    Metadata (XP)

    I am trying to ask a council in the UK to give me the electronic creation records of a word document. The council are claiming thet they do not know what I am talking about. How can I explain to them in simple terms that I want this information. Is there any language I am not using to explain this?

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    Re: Metadata (XP)

    Here in Melbourne Australia I don't know what you are talking about either. I know what metadata is and I can see that when I get the Word document itself rather than a PDF of the same. Are you expecting to see other data that is not part of the file itself but may be part of a particular document management database record. Do they use a docmgmt database?

    What is it exactly that you want from them - a Word document version OR the metadata associated with it? What are you trying to do with this when you get it? If you can explain what you expect to find then perhaps they can help you with the necessary information but "electronic creation records of a Word document" doesn't mean anything to me either.
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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