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    Strange Find Behavior (2007)

    Good morning, I know there are not a lot of 2007 users out here yet, but I have noticed a new behavior in the Find (Ctrl-F) within the last couple weeks and was wondering if anyone else has noticed this.
    When I use the find to search for a question mark the find used to return only the cells that contain a question mark. Now it is finding every cell that is occupied. I have also used the tilde in this manner and now find next returns nothing and the find all returns the last cell in the worksheet. Does anyone have any idea what may have happened?
    Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Strange Find Behavior (2007)

    In all versions of Excel up to and including Excel 2003, ? and * act as wildcards in the Find dialog: ? finds any single character and * any number of characters. If you search for ?, the result depends on the search options: if you're matching the entire cell contents, you'll find all cells that contain a single character (any character); if you're not matching entire cell contents, you'll find all non-blank cells.
    You can place a tilde ~ before ?, * or ~ to tell Excel that you're searching for the literal character ?, * or ~. Again, it makes a difference whether you're matching entire cell contents or not.

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