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    Envelope Printing (Word 2007)

    Hello everyone. Has anyone seen the following problem:

    We have a macro that extracts the address from a letter and then prints. Currently we are having issues where the printer prints a rather garbled address (see attachment).

    If I manually print an envelope after setting options to DL and Times New Roman - all is okay.

    However, if I then try and use the envelope macro I still get the mess in the attachment - ie first couple of lines are silly characters and a C is printed after the city. Here is the code:

    Sub CityDLEnvelope()
    strDocumentName = ActiveDocument.Name
    PrinterStd = "server01Lexmark-City"
    DefaultPrinter = ActivePrinter
    ActivePrinter = PrinterStd

    Application.ScreenUpdating = True ' 17/1/07
    ActiveDocument.Envelope.PrintOut ExtractAddress:=True

    ActivePrinter = DefaultPrinter
    End Sub

    If we change the font to Calibi (rather than Times New Roman) it fixes the garbled address - but it still prints a C after the address with the macro.

    We are still waiting to hear from the site whether this is a letter based on Word 2007, or created in an earlier version and just now being opened and having the envelope printed with Word 2007. This particular site has just changed over.

    For all new documents we have them being based on docx files which are based on one dotx template - all created from scratch in Word 2007 (although maybe some copying of text from the original Word 2003 templates).

    If anyone has seen this problem and/or has a solution please let me know.
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    Re: Envelope Printing (Word 2007)

    Try the following:
    In the Printers control panel, right-click the Lexmark printer.
    Select Properties from the control panel.
    In the General tab, click Preferences...
    Click Advanced.
    Find the option to print TrueType as graphics - the exact wording depends on the printer.
    OK your way out.

    I also found a suggestion to use a PCL printer driver instead of PostScript.

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