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    Signature Woes (2003)

    Our company finally upgraded to Office 2003 and now I'm having trouble setting up a custom signature (with scanned graphics of his hand-written signature and company logo) for the President of the company. I've done this before with older versions of Office by constructing the layout in Excel and saving it in HTML. I think I've tried all the options available (save as Web Page, save as Single File Web Page, publish entire workbook, publish print area) all to no avail. Everything appears OK under optionsmail formatsignaturescreate signature. The graphics appear fine and it is left justified.

    However, when I select it as the signature for new messages, either the graphics fail or the signature is center justified. (BTW, the message format is set to HTML) Back in the old days, it was a lot easier to simply generate a GIF file and insert it as a signature but now everything is in HTML.

    Any suggestions on how to fix this???

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    Re: Signature Woes (2003)

    Perhaps there is a conflict with the HTML "stationery"? Otherwise, it is difficult to understand how the alignment could be affected.

    Can you hand-edit the .htm file in a plain text program such as WordPad? If so, to address the centering problem, try surrounding the signature's body contents with something like this:

    <div style="text-align:left" align="left">
    ...Most of the signature goes here...

    I'm not sure why you are having problems with images. Are you using a local copy if the image or a link to a web site?

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