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    Automated Name field ? (2003)

    Hi All,

    I'm new to this forum band it was recommended that i submit this post here. so here goes...

    In my office we type alot of letters and i was wondering if it were possible to insert a field of some sort which would grab the Name from the Address line and put it somewhere else in the document automatically , let me just say i am not referring to a mail merged document nor one with a data source, it will be a plain simple letter type document

    IE the Letter would be like this:

    Mr Christopher Jones
    101 Hight Street
    B1 H44

    Dear (Field Here) - which refers to the first line of the address and grabs the specific words or words i want it to. IE Christopher or Mr Jones
    and would read

    Dear Christopher -or- Dear Mr Jones

    This may seem lazy , however i the past we have had problems with staff . They change the address details with no problem , however alot of people forget to change the name in the Dear .... part and it is usually the name of the last person who got that letter.

    i was wondering if anyone knew if this was possible ?

    i hope that makes sense

    Any help appreciated

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    Re: Automated Name field ? (2003)

    Hmmm, I've made this mistake. Doesn't do much for your image. <img src=/S/smile.gif border=0 alt=smile width=15 height=15>

    The simplest approach is to always start the letter fresh from a well designed template. However, this isn't always the most time-efficient approach...

    It's not difficult to copy text from point A to point B (for example, using the REF field and a bookmark around the desired text, or a STYLEREF field and a unique paragraph style for the text), but the scenario of having the first or last name automagically vanish during that process presents a problem.

    In theory you could hook into certain actions, such as printing or saving, and check for the existence of the salutation name in the addressee's name and raise an alert or block that action if it is not found. It's easy to find a salutation, but a little more difficult to be confident you've found the addressee's name (unless the use of Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms/Dr is very consistent). To deploy this solution, ideally you would add the code to the template from which the letters are generated. Second best would be to distribute a global template, but I'm not sure that these events can easily be captured in a global template. Last choice would be to alter users' templates.

    A completely different approach would be to have the user select a contact from the address book and use code to insert the details in all the right places. Or provide a form for the user to type in the information. Or a hybrid of those.

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    Re: Automated Name field ? (2003)

    I know these forums are about self help but, I thought I would suggest Simpleprompter add-in as a solution. After much looking and trying different options I went with a very easy to use add-in called Simpleprompter. Even though its full name is "Mac Simpleprompter" it works with the Windows version of Word.

    We write a lot of one off non-mail merge letters and Simpleprompter allows for user prompted documents to be created with very simple training. No macros, fields or forms. Just plain text following the syntax specified by Simpleprompter. e.g. [stEnter client's first nameJohn] produces:
    <IMG SRC=>

    [ms1Select the itemsItem 1Item 2Item 3Item 4Item 5Item 6Item 7 Item 8] produces:
    <IMG SRC=>

    You can change your prompts & content to whatever you like. If you repeat that prompt (exactly) throughout your document, the text entered by the user in the first prompt is repeated throughout the document. It also has more complex features such as optional paragraphs, multi-select & boilerplate features which allow for a detailed & personalized letter to be sent to our clients. Even with the more advance features you don't need to be a Word genius to develop the letter. This also makes staff turnover less of a trauma as the learning curve is gentle.



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