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    No Print Dialog Box (2007)

    We have just recently installed 2007 and have found that the Print function has a mind of its own. Sometimes, it pauses and shows the Print dialog box, allowing us to choose printers, copies, etc., and other times (more often then not), even when choosing the Office button - Print - Print, the dialog box does not come up and prints directly to the last printer used. We're pulling our hair out on this one - help!

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    Re: No Print Dialog Box (2007)

    I can't imagine what would cause that, but perhaps as a "brute force" solution you might want to rewire the "print to default printer" command so that it runs the normal "call up print dialog" command. You can do that by replacing the command with a simple macro. I haven't actually tested in this Word 2007, but suspect it would work the same way as in earlier versions:

    <code>Sub FilePrintDefault()
    ' Redirect to standard FilePrint command
    Application.Run "FilePrint"
    End Sub</code>

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