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    Inserting a Calendar as table in Word (2007)

    Got this question on Wednesday and haven't found the answer yet, so I thought I'd post it to the group:

    In Word 2007, you can choose Insert, Table, and from the Table drop-down selections, you can select Quick Tables. In the Quick Tables selection, there are 4 calendar styles you can choose. If you choose one, you get a month from some time last year or even older. Is there a way or an update that you the calendar for the current month as a table into a Word document?

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    Re: Inserting a Calendar as table in Word (2007)

    The Calendar Quick Parts appear to be of limited usefulness unless you are prepared to fiddle the bits to fit the actual month.

    Alternative options with more flexibility are:
    1. Use Microsoft Publisher where you can select a year and month and apply this to the template you selected
    2. Use one of the Word online templates where you get a much bigger range - still not smart but a much larger range of designs and specific months to select from. Go to Office Button > New >Microsoft Office Online>Calendars to see your options.
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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