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    Is Acronis the right choice for this?

    One of my clients has a Western Digital My passport (320gb) drive. They want to have more than one backup of their data - currently being backed up to tape via Symantec - and settled on this option as an alternative so they can remove it from the office nightly for safety reasons. Not a bad idea, but I still need to consider how I will get the data to the drive and how it will be partitioned. Especially since they will be doing the backing up on a daily basis, as I don't go there unless they have a problem. I considered using Symantec for this also, but considering the months of trouble we had getting Symantec to do what we wanted, I'm not anxious to make any changes to the way it is doing things.

    Ideally, I want to be able to give them a desktop icon that they click to initiate the backup, as they are technology-timid and don't want to have to confront anything more complex; I agree.

    Can Acronis provide this functionality? Click on a desktop icon and back up about 8gb of data via USB 2.0 to the My Passport drive. If it could also create a folder on the target drive specific to that day's backup that would be a plus, but I have the feeling I am dreaming on that one. A popup message indicating that the backup is complete would also be handy as they won't be hovering over the drive and won't know how to check on the progress anyway.

    The server is NTFS format, and the WD drive is FAT32, so formatting the drive is a must before we begin anything.
    And the client is a non-profit agency, so cost is always a factor - will the free Home version work with a server? There would be no networking involved - all the data is on the one server and the drive would be plugged directly into a USB port on the front. I know, for instance, that the newest Ad-Aware will not update when running on a networked workstation if it has to access the internet via a server, so I tend to worry about free versions of software and how they interact with servers as opposed to workstations.
    Should I look at Acronis as a promising prospect, or should I look elsewhere?
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    Re: Is Acronis the right choice for this?

    There are differing opinions about TI now. See the long thread starting at <post:=703,034>post 703,034</post:>. Be sure to read the threads that are linked in <post:=703,034>post 703,034</post:>.


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